Stockist Update – April ’19 Issue 12

Website Update is now fully operational

Having launched in mid-March, with a limited site, we are now pleased to announce that the site is fully up and running including:

  • More video to engage consumers
  • Easier navigation with Fireplaces and Stoves separated out once again rather than being both included in a ‘Fireside’ area and simpler signposting to accessories, spares and user manuals
  • More detailed photography around each product to enhance the selection process
  • Better signposting of ‘Find a Stockist’ and easier functionality to identify the best outlet to suit their needs

More exciting news for us though, is the increased levels of engagement with the new site, as consumers are spending more time on the site and responding more positively to what they are seeing.

  • Brochure downloads have increased significantly from 30 a week to over 100 a week.
  • While average Find a Stockist searches have also increased by about a third to nearly 200 a week.


, Dealer Update 12



HEAT Live! The outdoor roadshow is underway once more.

The new range at is already causing a stir, with higher visitor numbers than last year and increased purchase volumes year on year.

We have also refitted and relaunched the HEAT truck and have already been out on the road. Remember that with each roadshow booking we offer a FREE Delivery offer, for the duration of the event and provide the truck free of charge, although the dealer has to carry the costs of any other booking fees or ancillary investment.

, Dealer Update 12, Dealer Update 12

Here’s what Will from The Fire Engine down in Bideford in Devon, who held a two-day event outside their shop, said about the experience:

How did it go overall?

Overall the show went very well, the truck was great and we were very happy. We received a very good response from consumers and had about 38 people, mainly at the event on the Tuesday alone. It was brilliant having both the Clean Burn and Heat & Grill live at the show and the customers were very impressed by the amount of heat given off from both machines. The Clean Burn was also popular and worked brilliantly. Overall, we were really proud to have the Chesneys truck present and to be able to showcase such an amazing product. We felt it added real credibility to the shop.

Did you get any particular questions from consumers?

There were a number of things people asked about:

  • Queries about the delivery charge, although once explained what was included, they understood the costs.
  • Questions asked about the covers and how important these were
  • Questions about getting a flue extension for the units

How did customers respond to the new Heat & Grill appliance?

It was the most popular product; on the evening of Tuesday 9th we had a professional chef cooking on the Heat & Grill, which was very successful. The chef was also really impressed with it and loved cooking on it.  We had about 4 or 5 strong leads, directly connected to the event that we think will definitely convert into sales. So far, we have sold two Heat & Grill and one Garden Gourmet.

Every day’s a school day!

Even though the first event of the year was a success, the Fire Engine experience has already taught us something. Although the unit worked well, in future, we will be setting up the Heat & Grill on the left-hand side close to the kitchen area for ease of access for the chef or cook to work to best effect.



HEAT marketing campaigns

THE new HEAT collection is fully supported with an integrated marketing campaign bigger than we have ever launched before

, Dealer Update 12

  • James Martin, the high-profile TV chef will continue as our brand ambassador
  • A press advertising campaign across interiors press, national newspapers and specialist food interest magazines launches next weekend.


  • A PR and social media programme supporting all channels with an event programme to drive seasonal highs, is already in place.
  • A digital campaign including SEO, social advertising and PPC kicks off this week.
  • We have a stand at both the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and Hampton Court.
  • PLUS, we have a raft of consumer promotions planned to keep the momentum going between now and the autumn.


, Dealer Update 12, Dealer Update 12

All in all, we are delighted with the way that the new web site has landed, on time and with no issues to date and with the fact that we have got to market with the new HEAT range earlier this year and already seen positive sales activity.

If you have any queries please get in touch.
Happy selling and let’s turn up the heat for the spring!

Very best wishes,
Huw Williams – Sales Director – Chesneys