Terrace Gourmet

The Terrace Gourmet is beautifully engineered with a smooth control system and attractive curved design guaranteed to enhance your garden or terrace.

Unit comes complete with flue and will be delivered and assembled for you with our exclusive white glove service.

Additionally the product comes with the following:
– Pair of wooden side shelves
– Digital thermometer
– Pair of stove gloves
– Scoop for removing ash
– 5kg bag of restaurant grade charcoal
– Weatherproof cover

available March 2020

Plus Delivery & Set Up: £165 inc. VAT

Chesneys HEAT 500 Night with James M11Terrace GourmetTerrace Gourmet Dimensions


The large circular grill is big enough to cook for 8-10 people with any of six cooking methods: grilling, roasting, baking, smoking, wok cooking and wood fired pizza.
The cylindrical Terrace Gourmet is designed to sit comfortably alongside your other garden products, fitting comfortably into a corner of your patio or garden enabling you to get the best use of your outdoor space.
If you are into serious cooking, love entertaining and value beautiful design, the Terrace Gourmet is the choice for you.

Product Details


Overall size
1161mm (W), 1021mm (H), 529mm (D)

Grill diameter


Product Data (PDF)
Heat Collection User Guide (PDF)

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