The Alchemy FB18 has been designed for installation with a free-standing fire basket. For a contemporary look the FB18 can be installed with its polished steel top plate left visible and a ribbon flame effect. Alternatively, the FB18 is available with a detachable steel plate displaying hand painted ceramic logs that successfully emulate the beauty and appearance of a real log fire, achieving an outstandingly realistic appearance as the flames lick around the logs. The steel log plate can be lifted easily on and off for the purpose of re-fueling.

The FB18 can be installed with the Alchemy FB18 fire basket or the 18˝ Soho fire basket from the Chesneys range of fire baskets.

Alchemy have taken bioethanol burn technology to a new level. The engineering and design of the Alchemy fire offers unique functionality and performance which is patent protected.

The Alchemy FB18 fire with log plate with Chesneys 18˝ Soho fire basket.

Alchemy FB18: £1495
Log Plate: £295
18” Soho Freestanding Fire Basket: £580

The Alchemy FB18 fire with Alchemy fire basket, shown without log plate.

Alchemy FB18: £1495
Alchemy Fire Basket: £295


Alchemy FB18 Bioethanol Fire User Manual (PDF)
Alchemy Fire Basket Drawing (PDF)
Soho 18″ Fire Basket Drawing (PDF)

Dimensions: 17 5/8″ (447mm) W x 9 3/8″ (239mm) H x 12″ (305mm) D

Watch the Alchemy FB18 in action, shown in the Chesneys 18″ Soho fire basket, with and without the optional log plate: