Fireplaces are chosen not only to efficiently and quickly heat a room but also to be a centrepiece that brings an elegant presence to any room. Traditional, yet timeless, fireplaces remain a favoured place for loved ones to gather and share warmth.

Thanks to the flexible nature of our business, we offer bespoke fireplaces, designed and handcrafted in-house to meet our clients’ unique specifications.

Our expert craftsmen work tirelessly to create fireplaces that are tailored to the living space they’ll feature in. Using traditional methods and skills acquired through years of experience as well as the finest natural materials the world has to offer, our team of designers, draughtsmen, clay modellers, architectural historians, mason and carvers have created a world-renowned collection of fireplaces. 

Our Range of Fireplaces

Contemporary Fireplaces

Handcrafted fireplaces with bold, clean lines meet beautifully unique British materials in our collection of modern fireplaces. This range features contemporary designs that complement minimalist living spaces with subtle warmth.

Period Fireplaces

Fireplaces can enhance period decor through our exceptionally detailed reproductions of original antique fireplaces. Our period fireplaces showcase the finest features of historic architecture from various eras, from the the 18th century through to the Edwardian era.

Antique Fireplaces

Our rich collection of fireplaces, all authentic pieces from Britain and continental Europe spans almost 250 years, from 1690 – 1920. Each piece has been passionately restored by Chesneys masons using traditional methods only.

Bespoke Fireplaces

A specialist bespoke service for the design and manufacture of any fireplace in any material and on any scale.

Design a fireplace

Our design a fireplace program also enables you to change the size of the fire surround, helping you to finely tune the size and proportions.

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We use traditional techniques to source, manufacture and hand carve our stone and marble fireplaces with outstanding craftsmanship at all times. Here is a glimpse behind the scenes of our amazing teams in London and Portugal.

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Fuel & Accessories

Chesneys have a range of accessories that include contemporary and traditional fire tools, fire screens and a selection of interior panels.

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Some impressive projects from Chesneys & our design partners