Stoves are a perfect purchase to create a timeless centrepiece for a room that is also functional with quick and efficient radiation of heat to the surrounding room.

Whether you choose a wood burning stove, ethanol stove or gas stove you can be assured that our innovative engineers only produce products that meet the highest standards. Elegantly combining stunning design with clean air technology and optimal heat output, our stoves are built to last. At home in any living room or kitchen, our series of models have been designed with every style of architecture in mind – from modern minimalism to opulent extravagance.

For brisk spring mornings to chilly winter nights, our wood burning stoves bring a peaceful, comforting warmth, filling the room with the comforting sound and aroma of crackling wood. 

With our range of ethanol and gas stoves, our engineers have perfected the art of creating fires that perfectly mimic a fireplace with the delicate glow of real flames atop a bed of carefully hand-painted logs. In appearance, they are practically indistinguishable from wood burning stoves.

Wood Burning Stoves

Each wood burning stove in our extensive selection combines exceptional energy efficiency with a design that highlights the welcoming warmth of a traditional fireplace.

Gas Stoves

Gas Stoves

A gas stove offers a near perfect imitation of the inviting glow and subtle heat that make fireplaces such an inviting spot to cosy up in front of.

Ethanol Stoves

Bioethanol Stoves

The Salisbury Bioethanol stove sets a new level for the performance and use of Ethanol with state of the art technology in terms of safety, functionality and efficiency .

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