Delivery Options and FAQs


Our recommended delivery method for all consumers is white glove delivery and installation. The appliances are very heavy and are best handled by professional delivery people. If however, you choose our other options, please read the details below carefully – we recommend you only consider these options if you have access to professional equipment and have experience in managing pallets.


Self-Isolating Customers:

We have introduced a company policy for any deliveries to a household where someone is self-isolating and will be including the warning below to all of our customers:

“IMPORTANT DELIVERY INFORMATION: Coronavirus – The Government is currently advising people to self-isolate if they have been in contact with someone with the virus or who have recently returned from certain countries even if they have no symptoms, which means staying at home and not having contact with other people. In the event that you are expecting a delivery / installation and this applies to you, it is very important that you notify us immediately so that we can manage your order accordingly.”

If someone does contact us to confirm they are in this position, we will not be able to deliver to them and will place the order on hold until their isolation period is complete. You will be advised accordingly in these instances.

This is to protect our technicians and prevent anyone in the company contracting the virus which in turn helps prevent any disruption in service levels overall.


Staff prevention measures:

We are issuing our technicians gloves and viral masks as preventative measures and all of our staff have been issued with the World Health Organisation’s prevention measures such as:

  • frequent washing and disinfection of hands.
  • maintain social distancing (1 metre).
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Practice respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette.

Our management staff have been briefed to acutely monitor the health of their teams and to notify us if they have any concerns so the company can make any necessary decisions.

Delivery by pallet – this means that the machine will be delivered to the kerbside at your address and will be full packaged in its robust pallet packaging.

You will need to not only be able to unpack the appliance but also move it safely to your planned location. We recommend extreme care is taken and cannot accept responsibility for damage to the machine or to people attempting to move the machine. Please also note that pallet deliveries will be any time Monday to Friday.

Collection – this involves collection from our distribution centre in Beeston, Nottingham. Collections can be made between 09:00 and 16:00 Monday to Friday (excl Bank Holidays). The appliance will be delivered to your vehicle by forklift truck in its pallet packaging. In order to collect, you will require a vehicle that is able to carry a pallet securely and the means to unload at your destination and move to your planned location. Please click here to read the Chesneys Collection Policy document.

White Glove Delivery – delivered and put in place at your delivery address, all packaging taken away too.

All orders are processed by our fulfilment partners. You will receive a courtesy call from the fulfilment team, usually within 24-48 hours, who will conduct a brief access questionnaire and confirm the delivery address. At this point the delivery is considered ‘active’. You will be provided with a personal point of contact with whom you can liaise with regards your delivery. The delivery will then be scheduled with their logistics department and you will receive a call back to advise the delivery date which will usually be within the next 7-10 days. On the day of delivery you will receive a call approximately 1 hour before your delivery. Please note that a specific date and time of delivery is not part of our standard service and if you are not able to accept the delivery date provided, your next available delivery date could be 1 to 3 weeks later.

Please note: If you cancel or amend your booked delivery less than 48 hours before the agreed time slot then an additional delivery fee will be charged.

If you ask for a specific date or time for delivery, please be advised that there will be an additional delivery charge that we will need to collect from you before your delivery can be confirmed.


Are there ever any additional delivery charges?
On rare occasions it is sometimes necessary to charge additional fees for specialist delivery. This can include instances where the appliance is to be positioned in a location that is not on street level (e.g. an elevated patio, balcony, roof terrace, etc.) or needs to be navigated up or down steps to access your requested positioning location. Some rural locations, or properties in hard to reach areas, where our standard delivery vehicle cannot pass, it may be necessary to arrange a dedicated small vehicle to conduct the delivery. If these charges are applicable you will receive a call beforehand to discuss. Typical additional specialist delivery charges are approximately £180. This is in addition to the included delivery charge, in some cases a site survey maybe required this is charged at £96.

If you miss the delivery date you have agreed with our fulfilment partners, you will be recharged the re-delivery. The re-delivery fee will have to be collected by Chesneys before a re-delivery date can be agreed with the fulfilment partners.

Do you need to conduct a physical site survey?
Physical site surveys are very rare and are not usually necessary. Our professional fulfilment partners are experts in delivering these products and the experienced office team will conduct a site access assessment when they call you after receiving your order. Should a physical site survey be required a charge of £96 is applicable and may result in extra charges to deliver the unit safely and in accordance with health and safety laws.

Are offshore UK deliveries possible?
UK offshore territories such as the Channel Islands, Isle of Mann, Isle of Wight and Scottish Islands can be serviced by special arrangement. Please contact your local Heat stockists or Chesneys showroom for further details.



Can the units stand on grass?
The base on which the unit stands must be firm and level. Standing on grass which is moist and/or un-level is not recommended. If standing on a suitable grassed area please take care when refuelling as hot ash may fall out of the door and burn the grass.

Can I use the unit inside or under a canopy?
You cannot use the units inside a dwelling, gazebo, canopy or any enclosed space where the chimney exhausts into.

Can I extend the chimney?
Additional chimney lengths are available to purchase. You can purchase a single 1m length or an extension kit which incorporates a baffle for slow roasting control, bend kits are also available to offset the chimney.

Can the units be easily moved?
An optional accessories trolley is available to purchase. Never use the side tables to manoeuvre the unit. Caution: Moving the appliance without the trolley could cause damage to the levelling feet. 2019 models are fitted with 4 castors on the gourmet Range and 2 rear wheels on the Clean Burn and Heat & Grill.

How long does it take to reach cooking temperature?
If Chesneys charcoal is being used the unit will reach cooking temperature in 15-20 minutes. A further period of 15 minutes will be required to stabilise the cooking temperature.

What is the warranty on the product?
The unit is provided with a 3 year guarantee on the body and a 12 month warranty on non-consumable parts such as the door, handle, door mechanism, hinges and air plates. Items such as fire bricks, baffles, glass, rope seal, ash pans and grills are consumable items and are not covered by warranty. These items will deteriorate over time and will need replacing. As an outdoor product is exposed to sun, rain, snow, wind and other weather elements it is expected that maintenance will be required to preserve the appearance and operation of the appliance. Wear and tear including surface corrosion is to be expected. Wooden side shelves are a natural material and not covered by warranty. Side shelves should be removed and stored in a dry place when not in use. Shelves should not be used as a chopping board and should be treated using a food safe worktop wax oil as required.

Coastal Areas: Units located within 10 miles/16 kilometres off the coast will be subject to increased moisture and salt levels and more frequent maintenance will be required. Click here for Warranty Information.

Can it be installed on decking?
The base on which the unit stands must be firm and level. There is no downward heat below the log store. If standing on a decked area please take care when refuelling as hot ash may fall out of the door and burn the decking. Standing the unit on a stone base is a way of protecting the wooden decking.

What is the product made of?
The appliances are made from a combination of steel, cast iron and stainless steel.

Why is it better to cook on charcoal rather than gas?
Charcoal is a natural product that is carbon neutral and is available in handy 10kg bags direct from our website.

What colours is the HEAT range available in?
The HEAT range is available in Black Only.

Do the stainless steel handles get too hot to touch?
The appliance has been designed so the handles stay cool. We would however advise to always use caution and use the gloves provided. Handles and other steel surfaces can get hot when in direct sunlight so caution should be taken.

Does the unit get very hot?
The HEAT range is a dual function BBQ and heater so yes it will become hot. It is designed to radiate heat. The units should be used by a responsible adult and not left unattended if there is risk to children, animals or elderly.

How do I remove the ash?
There is an ash box in the base of the burn chamber that can be lifted out and emptied when the appliance is cold. Never attempt to empty the ash box when the ash is hot a scoop is provided with each unit. You should clean the unit out after each use.

What is supplied with the unit?

Model Gloves Scoop Cover Charcoal Wheels / Castors Thermometer Shelves Chimney User Guide
Clean Burn Yes Yes No No 2 Rear Wheels No No Yes 1m Yes
Heat & Grill Yes Yes No No 2 Rear Wheels Analogue Metal Yes 1m Yes
Terrace Gourmet Yes Yes Yes Yes 5kg 2 Rear Wheels Analogue Wood Yes 1m Yes
Garden Gourmet Yes Yes Yes Yes 5kg 4 Castors Digital Wood Yes 1m Yes
Garden Party Yes Yes Yes Yes 5kg 4 Castors Digital Wood Yes 1m Yes

How do I clean the unit?

We recommend occasional cleaning using a lightly damp cloth. Allow the unit to fully dry before placing over the weatherproof cover.

Can I cook with the lid up?
The unit is designed to cook with the lid closed, the thermal rotation gives better results and reduces the need to continually turn the food on the grill.

What is the distance the units can be to a wooden fence?
As the units are designed to radiate heat we would recommend a minimum safe distance to any combustible material to be at least 200mm (20cm) or 8”.

Do I have to cook with charcoal or can you also cook with wood?
We would recommend cooking with charcoal and heating with wood. To cook with wood you first have to burn the wood to charcoal form, this will take at least 1 hour. Chesneys charcoal is a stable fuel that is easy to light and easy to control the temperature, wood fuel can be random and therefore more difficult to control at a constant temperature.

Can I leave the unit outside and will it rust?
The unit is finished using weatherproof paint, however we would always recommend that when not in use the weatherproof cover provided is placed over the unit for additional protection from the elements. Never use the cover when the appliance is hot. If you are using the wooden side shelves then these should be removed and kept dry when not in use. As an outdoor product is exposed to sun, rain, snow, wind and other weather elements it is expected that maintenance will be required to preserve the appearance and operation of the appliance. Wear and tear including surface corrosion is to be expected. This is cosmetic and can be remedied with maintenance and does not detract from the operation of the product.

Coastal Areas: Units located within 10 miles/16 kilometres of the coast will be subject to increased moisture and salt levels and more frequent maintenance will be required.

What can I do to reduce the smoke from the chimney?
Increase the furnace temperature 400 degrees C by pulling out the air control lever. Always use good quality fuel and ensure it is dry.

My glass has gone black and the fire will not burn?
Always use good quality fuel and ensure it is dry, below 20% moisture. Remove the rain cap this should never be used in Heating mode, the glass will clear over a period of time and the fire stabilises.

Can I burn coal for heating?
No. Coal should not be used as it can damage the appliance and will void the warranty.

What is the heat output and efficiency?
The HEAT range of barbecue heater are designed for outdoor use, the heat and efficiency generated will depend on many variables.

Does the chimney need sweeping?
When used in accordance with the User guide and with the recommended fuel an efficient burn presents itself with little visible smoke emitted from the chimney. This will minimise any carbon deposits in the chimney and therefore reduce the need for sweeping. Periodic cleaning may be required.

How does ‘30 days to love it’ work?
It’s simple. You can take delivery of your HEAT appliance, use it for 30 days and ensure that you are completely happy with your choice. If after that time, you don’t think HEAT is right for you, you have 7 days to tell us and we will collect it, free of charge – simply email us at to explain the situation and to arrange collection. We will ask you to provide assurance that the machine has not been damaged while in your possession. We will then give you a full refund within 14 days of the collection.

However, we do ask that you give the appliance a full 30 days before you attempt to return it and that you do so within the 7-days following that trial period.

When does the 30 days start?
The period starts from the day that your appliance is successfully delivered. The return period lasts 7 days immediately after that 30 days has elapsed.

Can I use the appliance normally during the 30 days?
Yes, you can and must use your HEAT appliance to its full in order to get the best out of it. Normal use has no bearing on our willingness to take it back. We will however need to know that you have not damaged or broken any components before you try to return it.

What happens if I damage the appliance during the 30-day period?
If there is any damage to the appliance, we will ask to see images and a description before we can agree to collect it. If the damage is substantial we reserve the right to refuse to collect and refund.

What if I have any problems with the appliance during the 30 days?
If you have any problems with your appliance, at any time, simply email and we will do everything we can to ensure that any issue is resolved as quickly as possible. We want you to have the best possible experience with your HEAT appliance. If this leads to any period in which you cannot use the machine, we will be happy to extend the 30-day trial period by the amount of time that the appliance was out of order.

Does this offer affect my statutory rights?
No, your existing statutory rights are not affected in any way under this offer.