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The continental fireplaces at Chesneys include French and Italian inspired designs exemplified by their decorative and curved features. These distinct features make our range of continental fireplaces an entirely unique focal point in any room, swiftly drawing the attention of anyone who enters the space.

Inspired by the Baroque, Renaissance and Rococo periods, our Continental Collection contains both Italian and French designs for chimneypieces. Many display serpentine curves and are lavishly decorated with carved ornamentation, making them a dramatic alternative to the more under stated designs seen in most British chimneypieces.

In general, continental fireplaces are relatively low in height but project significantly from the face of the chimneybreast or wall. The ‘En Trumeau’ style of French chimneypiece, which also forms part of our Continental Collection, is an exception, taking the form of a ‘continued’ design, which sees the fire surround surmounted by a decorative panelled overmantel section often terminating close to the ceiling height.

Highly decorative and luxuriously adorned with elaborate carvings, Chesneys team of masons was able to create this range from their deep knowledge and expertise gained through restoring original fireplaces from these eras. Working with 40 years of expertise in restoring antique fireplaces, the Continental Collection boasts incredible loyalty to the original designs they were inspired by, ensuring every single feature is true to the trends popularised across Italy and France throughout the 1400s to the mid-1700s.

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