A one year warranty is provided in respect of the structural integrity of the cylindrical element of the Fire pit. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. The Fire Pit has been manufactured using quality materials to resist corrosion as much as possible and use of specialist paint for metal surfaces suitable for high temperatures and outdoor use. Painted surfaces can be affected by exposure to external factors such as chlorine, chemicals, humidity and salt. The finish will be compromised by surface scratched and abrasions. The warranty does not cover rusting, oxidation, blemishes or fading. Exposure to the elements including sun, rain, wind and snow will result in some degree of corrosion and wear and tear but these effects can be minimised if the weather resistant cover is used whenever the unit is not in use. Please note that units located within 10 miles of coastal areas will be subject to increased moisture and salt levels and more frequent maintenance will be required