Clean Burn XL FAQ’s


Can the units be easily moved?
No. The HEAT XL is a large and heavy appliance and although it has wheels, moving the appliance can only be easily achieved on a firm, flat, and even surface.

With our older models, an optional accessories trolley is available to purchase. Never use the side tables to manoeuvre the unit in any way. Moving the appliance without the employment of the trolley may result in damage to the levelling feet. From 2019, all models are fitted with four castors on the gourmet range and two rear wheels on the Clean Burn and Heat & Grill.

Do you need to conduct a Physical site survey?
Physical site surveys are exceedingly rare, they are not needed in usual practise. Our professional logistical partners are experts in delivering these products and the experienced office team will conduct a site access assessment when they call you after receiving your order. Should a physical site survey be needed a charge of £115.00 to £191.00 is applicable and may result in extra charges to deliver the unit in a safe and professional way. In accordance with health and safety laws.

Can I use the unit in a Coastal Area?
Units located 10miles/16 kilometres off the coast are subject to increased moisture and salt levels. Therefore, more frequent maintenance will be required. For more information on our Warranty policies, you will be able to find our policies on our website.

Can I use this unit inside or under a canopy?
No, you cannot use the units inside a dwelling, gazebo, canopy or any enclosed space where the chimney exhausts into.

Can Units stand on grass?
The base on which the unit stands must be firm and level. Standing on grass that can be moist and possibly uneven is not recommended. If standing on a suitable grassed area, please take care when refuelling as hot ash may fall out of the door and burn the grass.

Can I extend the chimney?
Additional chimney lengths are available to purchase, you can purchase a single 1m length or an extension kit which incorporates a baffle for slow roasting control. Bend kits are also available to offset the chimney.

What is the distance the units can be to a wooden fence?
As the units are designed to radiate heat, we would recommend a minimum safe distance to any combustible material to be at least 200mm.

Can I leave the unit outside?
The unit is finished using a weatherproof paint; However, we would always recommend that when the unit is not in use the weatherproof cover is utilised. This is for further protection against the elements. Never use the cover when the unit is hot. If you are using the wooden shelves, then these should be removed and kept dry when not in use. As an outdoor product, these units will be exposed to the sun, rain, wind and other weather elements. It is expected that maintenance will be needed to preserve the appearance and operation of the appliance. Wear and tear including cosmetic corrosion such as surface damage can be remedied with maintenance and does not detract from the operation of the product.