In the current energy crisis, controlling the cost of heating a home has never been more important. 

There has been a huge resurgence in demand for wood burning stoves as consumers try to reduce their dependence on public utilities.  

Another new and exciting solution is to install an Ethanol stove. Clean and simple to install, with no need for a flue or working chimney, an ethanol stove is an ecologically friendly and efficient form of heating that can be used anywhere providing an electricity supply is available.  

Emulating the appearance of a conventional wood burning stove with mesmerising flames and a heat output of up to 3.5kw, an ethanol stove is the perfect alternative for those not wishing to lay and tend a wood fire.




Chesneys has developed the most popular stove design from its wood stove range, The Salisbury 5, as a fully automated ethanol stove.

The Salisbury 5 Ethanol stove including log set as shown above £3,449



The Salisbury ethanol stove boasts the following features: 

Beautiful living flame fire 

No chimney or flue required

Fully remote controlled 

100% energy efficient 

Automatic ignition

A heat output of up to 3.5kw 

Pump operated automatic re-fuelling system 

Odourless in operation
(unlike other ethanol burners)

View The Salisbury ethanol stove in action HERE


The Salisbury Ethanol stove sets a new level for the performance and use of Ethanol with state of the art technology in terms of safety, functionality and efficiency . Unique features include a patented combustion process that allows a burn time of 11 ½ hours without the need to re-fuel and approval for installation in rooms much smaller than those required for competing ethanol products. 


Bio-Ethanol Fire


GROSS OUTPUT on High 3.5kW
Ethanol Consumption on High 0.45 Litres per hour
Ethanol Consumption on Low 0.3 Litres per hour
Fuel Tank Volume Capacity 3.5 Litres