The simple glow of a fire can make any interior feel more homely. However, when it comes to introducing the comforting warmth of a fire to your home, modern consumers are spoilt for choice. From grandiose fireplaces with open wood fires to innovative gas stoves, which you choose will likely depend on a number of factors relating to your lifestyle and personal preferences. While open fires offer opulence and characterful authenticity, gas stoves have been expertly engineered to provide unrivalled convenience and the appearance of lifelike flames at the flick of a switch. To help you make the right choice for your home, we’ve outlined the main factors to consider when deciding between a gas stove or open fire. Read more about Gas Fires vs Electric Fires in our guide.


What could be more inviting than unwinding beside an open fire in your living room? If you want to make a statement with your interior, there’s nothing quite like a fireplace – these gorgeous features can provide a worthy centrepiece for practically any room in your home, with architectural splendour and an undeniable drama that could increase the value of your property.

Although they lack the authenticity and traditional appeal of a real fireplace, modern gas stoves still offer striking visual appeal. Chesneys gas stoves are almost indistinguishable from wood burning and multi-fuel varieties, designed to blend in seamlessly with their fuel-burning counterparts. With hand-painted logs and flame patterns that emulate the flicker of a genuine fire, these advanced appliances are in a different league from the gaudy gas fires of yesteryear. For some modern living space inspiration, see our advice on designing your interior around a gas stove.

Gas stove or open fire: what’s best for me?


Open fireplaces require a lot more care and attention when it comes to ensuring their safety. When lit, you should always use a fireguard to protect against sparks. These also act as an extra precaution for those with children or animals, ensuring that they remain out of harm’s way. As a general rule, make sure that the fire is never left unattended, such as when you leave the house or go to bed at night. As well upkeep of the fire itself, your chimney will also need to be swept several times a year by a professional chimney sweep, to ensure it is working condition.

Gas stove or open fire: what’s best for me?

By comparison, modern gas stoves are safe and simple to use. While you should ensure that your gas stove is inspected by a registered Gas Safe engineer every year (as is the case with any gas appliance), the stove itself will only require minimal safety maintenance. As a precautionary measure, if at any point your stove struggles to ignite, regularly turns itself off or emits a suspicious smell, stop using it and consult a gas engineer immediately to ensure the continued safety of your appliance.

For more information, read our safety aspects to consider when installing a Chesneys stove.


An open fireplace, while visually striking, is not necessarily the most practical choice in terms of efficiency. Due to the open surrounds, heat is able to escape more easily than with a stove. Of course, you may wish to combine the aesthetic grandeur of a traditional or contemporary fireplace surround with an energy-efficient wood burning or multi-fuel stove such as those in Chesneys Shoreditch or Belgravia Series. In this case, you can have the best of both worlds: a stunning fireplace, combined with the precision engineering and efficiency of a modern fuel-burning appliance.

Gas stove or open fire: what’s best for me?

Alternatively, gas stoves can be remarkably efficient when it comes to heating your home. With a sturdy build and technologically advanced engineering, Chesneys gas stoves like Salisbury and Beaumont start up easily with the push of a remote control, delivering energy efficiency of up to 73%.


Burning wood that’s been correctly seasoned (for at least a year, with a moisture content of below 20%) is a carbon-neutral process. This means that the glowing logs in your open fire will release the same amount of carbon dioxide as they would decaying outdoors. Therefore, not only will installing an open fire reduce your reliance on fossil fuel-derived energy sources, but it would also help to reduce your household’s carbon footprint.

Unlike much older models, advances in modern engineering have made Chesneys gas stoves an equally smart choice for the environment. Built with Innovative technology, gas stoves can offer equally as impressive energy efficiency ratings, so you can enjoy their warmth and aesthetic charms with a clean conscience.

While there are limitless benefits to choosing either a gas stove or fireplace, whichever you decide upon, make it a Chesneys model. You can take a look at our full range of gas stoves and fireplaces here or by visiting your nearest stockist.

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