Olive Ash 2-sided Chopping Board

This handmade chopping board is ideal for the keen outdoor cook, with a strong grain and beautiful deep colour. Commissioned for Chesneys HEAT from Kin Boards, a specialist board maker that supply top chefs, each board is unique, with a ‘live’ edge reflecting the natural shape of the timber from which it was cut.

The Chesneys branded side is ideal for any sort of chopping preparation while the reverse is perfect for carving cooked meats, featuring a generous channel to capture juices.



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It is important when using wooden boards to wash thoroughly in soapy water and sanitise, particularly after cutting meat or fish. It is not advisable to either soak your board or put in the dishwasher and you may choose to oil occasionally. With proper care a quality board will last for years.


Approximately 500mm x 320mm x 37mm

The overall dimensions vary slightly as they are handmade and the width varies along its length due to the live edge.

About the manufacture

Kin Boards.
Zak Hayward-Reeve the owner proprietor has always had a passion for showcasing the natural beauty of wood and works with the highest quality timber, creating a product that people love and use every single day.

Whilst ensuring making products of the highest quality Kin are also very aware of the carbon footprint of their products and pack all of the boards in recycled cardboard boxes. The timber he uses is sourced predominantly from around his workshop in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk.