RB1000 Bioethanol Outdoor Burner FAQ’s


What is an Outdoor Bioethanol Fire?
This is an appliance that uses bioethanol fuel for combustion . Bioethanol fuel is derived from plants, making it an environmentally friendly heating solution. These fires provide a heat and ambience similar to that of a real wood or gas fire and allow versatile installation options.

How does a Bioethanol Fire work?
Bioethanol Fires burn fuel that is renewable and made from a variety of agricultural crops. The fuel is poured into a reservoir within the appliance and ignited, causing the liquid to evaporate and produce a flame. This combustion process releases heat . The fire burns cleanly, emitting only water vapour and minimal carbon dioxide.

Do Bioethanol Fires produce a real flame?
Yes, Bioethanol Fires produce a real, live flame without the byproducts of other forms of heating.

What makes a Chesneys Outdoor Bioethanol Fire unique?
Our fires are not only environmentally friendly, but they incorporate cutting edge technology for safety, functionality and efficiency. Our appliances offer automatic ignition, complete remote control and outstanding efficiency, making them standout in the market.

What are the efficiency and cost implications of using a Bioethanol Fire?
Our Bioethanol Fires are 100% energy efficient, converting fuel directly into heat and providing extended running times and low fuel consumption when compared to other products.

Can Chesneys Bioethanol Fires be controlled remotely?
Yes, our Bioethanol Fires are fully remote-controlled, providing convenience and ease of use. This feature allows you to ignite, adjust or extinguish the fire remotely using a hand-held control.

Do our Bioethanol Fires require a power source?
No. Our Bioethanol Fires have a battery that eliminates the need to provide an outdoor electric supply. This can be a huge advantage as it allows the user to site the appliance in a position that might otherwise be inaccessible for power source.

How often must the battery be re-charged?
The battery will need to be re-charged after 30 – 40 hours of use depending on the flame setting. A full re-charge of the battery takes 4 hours.

Are there odours from a Chesneys Bioethanol Fire?
No. Our fires have a unique combustion process which allows them to burn cleanly eliminating the odour associated with many ethanol products.

How is the appliance protected from the elements?
The RB1000 is supplied with a sturdy metal cover that sits over the appliance and should always be put in place when the appliance is not in use or as soon as the appliance has been extinguished.

How close can the appliance be to a wooden fence or other combustible surface?
The appliance produces a naked flame and generates heat, so we recommend that it is located at least 200mm from any combustible surface.