Is your stove smoking in to your room when you light it? If so, read on as the usual remedy is very simple.

At this time of year as the air temperature drops it can cause a pocket of cold air to become trapped in the flue. The result of this is that when the stove is lit the rising smoke hits the pocket of cold air. This forces the smoke back down the flue in to the stove and out in to the room via the airflow mechanism under the stove. This happens because the initial rising smoke is not hot enough to pass the blockage.

While this may be alarming at first it is usually easily resolved. Set your fire as usual, fire lighter, kindling and log. Now lay 2-3 flat sheets of newspaper over the log. The most important word here is ‘flat’. Do not scrunch up the newspaper in to balls. Open up the air flow lever all the way. Light the newspaper in a few places and once its alight then light the fire lighter. Leave the door slightly ajar, pushed to but not closed. As the newspaper burns quickly it puts a rush of hot air up the flue. In turn this clears the blockage and your stove then functions correctly as normal.

A tip to stop your stove smoking from happening is to leave the air flow lever all the way out when you are not using or have finished using the stove. This will allow air movement through the flue and the stove and help prevent the blockage occurring.

Author: Mark Smart – Showroom Manager


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