The Fireplace, still the heart of the home.

As far as we know, there are no scientific studies to explain people’s love and fascination with the fireplace and flames within. Why people continue to place them in the middle of their favourite rooms and gather together around them. Certainly, it is not exclusively the provision of heat, as most homes today have central heating, though there is unique immediacy to the warmth of a living fire. Is it romance? Is it to provide an architectural focus to a living space? Is it more primordial than that, a throwback to our cave-dwelling ancestors? Whatever it is, fireplaces are alive and well and as popular as ever.

Like all evolutions, the evolution of the fireplace has been a battle for the survival of the fittest. Seemingly hard to justify on purely functional grounds and increasingly regulated to ensure they are environmentally friendly, nevertheless our customers’ instinct to create a special place within their homes, where they can snuggle up, come together with friends and family or just stare into the atmospheric crackle of a live flame, persists.

At Chesneys we know that today we are supplying a very different sort of property and customer compared to 30 years ago and our range reflects that. Technology plays almost as big a part in creating an atmospheric experience as does artisanal craft in making the design statement that adds so much value to a room. We’ve adapted our offer to reflect what people want and what fashion dictates; minimalist hole in the wall powered by ethanol or a traditional statuary marble surrounds with basket dogs and accessories, we can provide both, with the same focus on design, quality and visual impact.


Even within the modern world of inset ‘hole in the wall’ fires we are innovating, to create a finished product of integrity and quality. Our new Luxxcon super-light concrete chimney breasts bring drama and design into properties that have no chimney breasts, for owners who do not want to build a chipboard wall instead. Elegant, design-led and remarkably practical and affordable, Luxxcon is an illustration of how Chesneys continues to evolve and provide beautiful, crafted solutions to consumers’ continued passion for the fireplace.

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