Your Delivery Explained

  1. Delivery will take place by Swiftcare UK Ltd
  2. You will be contacted by phone within 48 hours of placing the order.
  3. A telephone survey will take place to ascertain access & vehicle size.
  4. *Standard White Glove Delivery is included in the price of your Heater/BBQ unit, extra charges can occur for non-standard deliveries, these include 1st floor and above, difficult access or extra delivery staff as all deliveries must comply with Health & Safety at Work Laws, in some rare cases a physical site survey may be required, the site survey will be chargeable to you at £96. If you miss the delivery date you have agreed with Swiftcare, you will be recharged the re-delivery. The re-delivery fee will have to be collected by Chesneys before a re-delivery date can be agreed with Swiftcare.
  5. *If a specialist small vehicle is required to complete your delivery, this is not included in the price, an extra charge could be requested of £180.
  6. As the service operates by grouping deliveries in areas together a date will be given within your area time frames, we encourage you to accept and make arrangements to receive the appliance on the date offered, requesting another date can delay the delivery of your appliance by 1 to 3 weeks, specified dates and times can be arranged, however this service does not come under the standard delivery terms and will be charged at an extra cost.

If you would like advice on your delivery please email or Call 020 3177 4230

*details and charges would be assessed by Swiftcare in their 1st call to you ref item 2 on this list

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