You may be wondering whether you should buy a wood burning stove. Whether it’s a responsible choice to make.

You’ve probably seen mixed messages in the media, with some commentators depicting stoves as major air polluters. While wood burning does produce emissions, so do industries, transportation, and domestic sources such as fire pits, bonfires, and open fires. The key difference is that modern wood stoves are designed and rigorously tested to remove most harmful emissions.

At Chesneys our goal is to lead the way with clean and efficient combustion technology, so you can enjoy the warmth and well-being that a stove provides, with a clear conscience. This is why we decided to forgo some sales and eliminate multi fuel stoves from our range in 2022 so that
we were not encouraging the burning of fossil fuels.

Questions about the future for wood burning stoves have been asked and there is a clear answer in the government’s Environmental Improvement Plan, published in early 2023, which states that it is “not considering a ban on domestic burning in England but that measures should be implemented to drive a shift towards newer appliances which meet tough emissions standards.”

We support this objective and are proud to be at the forefront of the movement to make stoves as clean as possible, so you can feel good about buying one.



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