, A New Outdoor Cooking Experience

, A New Outdoor Cooking Experience

Cooking on charcoal and wood is widely recognised in the culinary world as a highly effective way to impart flavour into food, with growing numbers of chefs across the world choosing to cook on open flames.

We wanted to create an appliance which worked as a fantastic barbecue as well as an environmentally-friendly and easily controlled outdoor heater. It was the addition of a steel baffle plate that enabled us to achieve both objectives without compromising on heat production in either the heating or cooking mode.


, A New Outdoor Cooking Experience


Cook a steak in minutes with temperatures of 400˚C. Rustle up some grilled fish or seafood in an instant using low temperatures with either direct or indirect heat.

, A New Outdoor Cooking Experience


Impart the flavour of charcoal or wood by using indirect heat for a delicious smoky flavour and tender meat.

, A New Outdoor Cooking Experience


Bake some bread or biscuits with the ability to maintain a constant heat and effective thermal rotation lid sealing in the heat, just like an oven.

, A New Outdoor Cooking Experience


Take the wok outside and cook a sizzling stir-fry with the indirect heat of the fire.

, A New Outdoor Cooking Experience


Roast an impressive joint of beef or a chicken, adjusting the height of the grill by a simple rotation to ensure enough room for cooking with the lid down, resulting in tasty meat, staying moist for hours.

, A New Outdoor Cooking Experience


Place a pizza stone on the grill, your choice of pizza on the stone, close the lid and achieve perfect crispness in just a few minutes. After cooking the unit will self-clean if put into heating mode.


“Chesneys’ new Heater Barbecue is brilliant. It provides a unique degree of temperature control, ease of use and variety of cooking modes for mastering different recipes. It’s fast to light and emits very little smoke. Given the choice I wouldn’t cook on any other barbecue.”



James Martin is one of the most respected and widely recognised chefs in the UK today.

He has become known for his passion for British food through his creation of simple, delicious recipes which are accessible to all.

With numerous cookbooks, awards and TV appearances – a ten-year spell on BBC Saturday Kitchen being the most notable – he has firmly established himself as a major influencer in the culinary world.

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