Your Warranty


  • The Appliance must be registered either by mail using the form at the back of the installation / user manual or via our website.
  • The 3-year warranty covers the fire chamber only against defective welding causing the appliance not to perform correctly. The warranty does not cover any parts listed as “consumables” or rust, oxidation, blemishes or fading. The Chesneys HEAT range is for outdoor use only. It is exposed to the elements/weather including rain, sun, snow, wind and damp and corrosion/wear and tear is to be expected.
  • The warranty does not cover damage caused through misuse, over firing or damage caused by using wood not seasoned (below 20% moisture) or any non-approved fuels.
  • The Appliance must be cleaned regularly after each use to ensure air channels are not restricted.
  • The Appliance must have been purchased either direct from one of Chesneys showrooms, on line via our website or through an official appointed Stockist (if purchased through a non Chesneys official stockist a 1 year standard parts only warranty applies).
  • All claims MUST be made through the supplying retailer a serial number and original proof of purchase should be supplied with the claim.
  • The Appliance must be operated in accordance with our instructions and has not been used for any purpose other than that stated for the appliance.
  • Click here to see full details of Warranty.

Caring for your machine


You should always remember that your HEAT appliance is an outdoor machine, and as such, is exposed to the elements, meaning that minor corrosion, scratches and discolouration is to be expected. These changes will not detract from the functioning of the product, but if you wish to preserve the appearance of the unit, in order to retain more of a ‘just new’ look, then regular checking, basic maintenance, and touching up of the paint will be needed.

We recommend:

  • Regular checks and cleaning – at least once a month, and more regularly during bad weather and wiping surfaces to keep dry and to eradicate minor blemishes before the deteriorate further
  • Cleaning between uses – including removing ash to clear airways, washing key areas with soap and water, keeping the glass clean and taking care of shelves both during use and when not in use