The responsible choice – supporting Ecodesign 2022

With recent concerns over emissions and increasing regulation by Government around the right way to heat your home, making the responsible choice of stove is increasingly important for all homeowners and for the environment. All of the Chesneys wood burning stoves are DEFRA exempt (tested and passed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and have either already passed or are currently undergoing Ecodesign 2022 certification, the EU-wide standard. We are committed to giving you the ability to make a responsible lifestyle choice.

Traditional energy suppliers can no longer be relied upon to provide a stable and fairly priced supply. Using a wood stove however gives you some independence from the large utilities. A stove provides a warmth that no other energy source can equal while creating captivating, constantly changing flame patterns bringing a welcoming and heart-warming presence to any room.


Environmentally Friendly

Wood burning is the focus of much of the
concern over emissions but actually makes sound
environmental sense when done responsibly.
DEFRA advise the following:

  • Consider burning less – consider when to light your stove
  • Use ‘Ready to Burn’ wood with less than 20% moisture
  • Season freshly chopped wood before burning
  • Do not burn treated wood or household waste
  • Maintain and service your stove annually 
  • Get your chimney swept regularly 
  • Use the right appliance – either DEFRA exempt,
    Ecodesign Ready Stove or Clear Skies


Reduction in PM Emissions with an Ecoesign Ready Stove

90% fewer PM emissions than an open fire – 80% fewer PM emissions than a 10 year old stove


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Fuel & Accessories

Chesneys have a range of accessories that include contemporary and traditional fire tools, fire screens and a selection of interior panels.

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