What makes a Chesney stove special

We want our stoves to be easy to use and to maintain. They all light easily and quickly and are designed with a single air control lever which is highly responsive in delivering the air required for a roaring fire or a slow lazy burn. They have a very effective airwash system which ensures that the glass
remains clean even when the stove is running slowly with a single log burning.

We have made the fuel bed as deep as possible so that the ash needs to be emptied less frequently than it does with many other stoves and there is minimal ash spillage onto the hearth. We have also designed the fire chamber in a way that means it is simple to replace consumable
components such as fire bricks and baffles.



Low Emissions

You can’t buy a cleaner, more eco-friendly stove than one of ours. Our stoves
are ‘exempt appliances’, which means they are DEFRA exempt for installation in smoke control areas, such as towns and cities. They also meet the emissions and efficiency standards prescribed by Eco-design 2022 legislation and the independently administered Clearskies scheme. However, the performance of the stoves in our Contemporary Collection exceeds the requirements of all these schemes to an unprecedented degree, recording smoke emissions of only 0.7 grammes per hour, one tenth of the level of that a comparable DEFRA stove is permitted to produce.

convection stoves providing outstanding performance

In tests our Sanctuary and Serendipity stoves achieved superlative efficiency
ratings of 86.4% and even our cylindrically shaped Solstice stove with its huge
glass window registered 75.2%. All three stoves provide both radiant and convective heat. The heat is drawn through an intelligent ducted system via a second skin that wraps around the stove chamber extracting maximum heat and emitting it from the front of the stove for optimal effect.

We also include a secondary heat shield as a standard feature of our Sanctuary and Serendipity stoves. This improves distance to combustibles at the rear of the stove and enhances the convected heat that the stove delivers into the room, ensuring warmth throughout and no cold spots. We construct our stoves using steel and cast iron as this combination produces the best performance restricting the ingress of air which can occur over time with a cast iron stove as the separate panels move, impacting its efficiency.

Ease of Installation

The safe distance to combustibles can often be a challenge in the installation of a stove where there is limited space available. Our stoves lose relatively little heat to the sides and the rear which means that they can be safely installed when many other stoves cannot. We also equip our stoves with a flue draught test point. This enables the installer to easily check whether the flue is drawing effectively, and the stove will perform efficiently.

All models of the Sanctuary and Serendipity stoves in the Contemporary Collection come with a dedicated external air kit as standard, which can be connected to the outside of the property if additional ventilation is required. This means that all the air that is required by the stove for both combustion and refuelling can be drawn from the outside. Where a stove is to be installed in a home built after 2008 additional ventilation is required due to the air tightness of the property and this is provided for by the direct air kit found in every Chesney’s stove.

Unique door mechanism

Our new collection introduces a genuinely innovative feature. We focused on the door handle mechanism as this is the moving part of any stove that is most susceptible to wear and tear. We replaced the traditional handle with a hidden touch point for opening and closing the door, simplifying the mechanics, enhancing longevity, and giving the design a sleek minimalist look.


Our stoves are built to last. Constructed with the very best cast iron components, heavy gauge steel and the toughest ceramic glass, a Chesneys stove will provide a safe and dependable source of heat for many years. All come with a ten year guarantee on the body and twelve month guarantee on non-consumable parts, providing the purchaser registers the necessary warranty online.


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