Chesneys stoves are designed and built to the very highest standards of quality, guaranteeing many years of use and reliability. All come with a 10 year guarantee on the stove body; well above the industry average. All products need to be registered online directly with Chesneys in order to qualify for the extended warranty period’ to the end of the third sentence.


Environmentally Friendly

All our stoves are DEFRA exempt and Ecodesign 2022 accredited or in the process of being tested for certification. Our clean-burn and air-wash technology means that the polluting by-products emitted by the initial burning process are re-ignited and burnt again in the stove. This double combustion reduces emissions and means that Chesneys stoves can be burned safely and legally in all major cities and towns throughout the UK.



Efficiently Engineered

Our sophisticated manufacturing uses state-of-the-art robotic welding to ensure every stove is tightly sealed. This means that the air supply can be easily controlled from slow burn to intense roaring fire. Our stoves provide both radiant and convection heating delivering the maximum warmth and delivering outstanding efficiency, ratified by independent testing.


Beautifully Designed

Not all stoves are born equal. Our design team have created a range of traditional and contemporary stoves to suit any room design or theme. We know that your stove can be the heart of your home and we want it to look beautiful as well as keeping you beautifully warm.


Easy to use

Our engineers wanted to ensure that achieving the greatest efficiency would be as easy as possible and so our wood burning stoves are operated with a simple fuel selector and a single air control lever. Our gas stoves come with a fully sequential remote control device. Achieving the effect you want, from gentle flame to an intense burn, couldn’t be any easier.


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Fuel & Accessories

Chesneys have a range of accessories that include contemporary and traditional fire tools, fire screens and a selection of interior panels.

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Some impressive projects from Chesneys & our design partners