Ever since Dhruv Baker won MasterChef in 2010, he’s been living his best life. Chef, author of a wonderful cookbook, Spice and now partner proprietor of a specialist charcuterie business Tempus Foods. Dhruv’s MasterChef win not only catapulted him onto a national stage but also enabled him to make his love of food and cooking his career.

Dhruv has joined the Chesneys team as Guest Chef to share his love of outdoor ‘fire cooking’ in particular, and to share some of his recipes, techniques and views on how to get the best from your HEAT unit.

Recipe of the week


Biryani is a classic Indian dish which makes for a wonderful sharing meal. The tender chicken and beautifully spiced fluffy rice is a guaranteed hit!

Cooking Over Fire

There is something very special indeed about cooking over fire. Whether is a bbq or a fire pit there is a connection…

Six ways to cook on HEAT


The HEAT Collection offers a versatile and easy way to cook food either over charcoal or wood with great results and satisfying little smoke