, Gas patio heater or wood-burner? Outdoor heating considerations

There’s nothing quite like getting out in the garden, watching the night draw in and relaxing by a cosy fire. Outdoor heaters can be a great way to keep the party going and entertain guests even on the chilliest of evenings. How do you decide on the best outdoor heating option for you? Between chimineas, gas heaters, patio heaters and outdoor stoves, it can be difficult to pick. To make the decision a little easier, we’ve put together this guide highlighting the different points to consider — from design and efficiency to environmental sustainability.

Keep design in mind

If you take as much pride in the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces as you do your interior, one aspect that should not be overlooked when it comes to your outdoor heating is design. If it’s an authentic outdoor living experience that you’re after, there’s nothing quite like the aesthetic of an outdoor wood burner. Sitting by an open flame exchanging stories over a glass of wine is a fine way to make your evenings last longer, and keep your guests feeling comfortable. While you can achieve great levels of heat with infrared or gas patio heaters, nothing compares to the real thing. The relaxing crackle of logs and flickering of amber flames is enough to create an atmosphere worthy of a Swiss chalet.

Selecting a high-quality outdoor wood burning stove like one from the Chesneys HEAT range can be a great way to achieve impeccable style, alongside safety for your guests. Unlike other wood-burners like chimineas or firepits, HEAT appliances enclose the open flame within a safe chamber, while the large glass window means that the ambient flames remain visible.

Bring design indoors with our traditional living space design considerations.

, Gas patio heater or wood-burner? Outdoor heating considerations

Consider the environment

Things such as air quality and temperature can have an effect on both your garden and the planet. As such, there are a few environmental concerns to consider when selecting a heating appliance for your outdoor space. Gas patio heaters may not be the best option when it comes to sustainability, as some can emit harmful CO2 gas at up to the same rate as a hob.

Traditional wood burners such as chimineas and firepits release a vast amount of smoke and particulates into the air — which can be damaging to both your guests and also the environment — newer wood burning stoves can be relatively carbon neutral. Chesneys HEAT appliances use expert clean burn and air wash technology to reduce the harmful particulates and Co2 emissions released into the air. Explore our wood burning stove range

, Gas patio heater or wood-burner? Outdoor heating considerations

Keep costs down

Efficiency should be an important consideration for anyone who likes to get the most from their garden — and their money. Keeping running costs to a minimum is great both for the environment and also the bank balance. Some methods such as gas patio heaters, while they may be inexpensive to purchase, can prove expensive to run. As such, it’s important to consider other methods if it’s efficiency you’re after. Investing in a more expensive model initially could make all the difference, saving you money in the long-run. For example, HEAT appliances can deliver up to 700 degrees of radiant heat, achieving superior efficiency to other wood burning methods such as firepits, which allow heat to escape in all directions into the open air.

Opt for versatility

When considering your outdoor heating options, it’s important to note the dual functionality of models such as the Heat & Grill and Gourmet collection from the Chesneys HEAT range. An efficient and atmospheric heater and barbecue in one, HEAT is the perfect solution for outdoor living throughout the year.

While there are a range of factors to consider when selecting the perfect outdoor heating method for your garden, this guide should help you to decide. For an appliance that does it all, why not heat things up with an appliance from the Chesneys HEAT collection? You can view the full range online, or visit your nearest stockist to see them in action.