Solve wood burning worries with an eco-friendly outdoor wood burner

If you put in time and effort to take care of your garden, you’ll also know how important it is to look after the environment too. Everything from air quality to harsh pollutants can not only affect the lifespan of your shrubbery, but they can also have wider effects on the planet. While nothing sounds better than spending a relaxing evening outside by a toasty fire, there are some important environmental factors to consider when selecting the right heater for you — especially when it comes to outdoor wood burners. From chimneys and fire pits to wood burning stoves, this article will help you to select an eco-friendly wood burner that compliments both your garden and the planet.

Are outdoor wood burners bad for the environment?

It’s true that, without the right technology in place, most methods of outdoor heating can have a negative impact on the environment.  In January 2018, changes to Lot 20 of EU EcoDesign legislation required all electric and gas patio heaters to comply with minimum efficiency standards. This, in turn, caused many UK households to swap to outdoor wood burners as a more efficient option. So while the UK government places certain domestic regulations upon indoor wood burning stoves, luckily there is little restriction placed upon outdoor ovens, barbecues and burners. That doesn’t mean to say, however, that all outdoor wood burners are made equal— in fact, some are more environmentally friendly than others.

Chimneys and fire pits: a thing of the past?

If you enjoy unwinding with friends beside a crackling outdoor fire, there are typically three options to choose from: chimneys, fire-pits and wood burning stoves. Where more rustic options such as chimneys and fire-pits have traditionally been a go-to choice, they aren’t always the safest when it comes to the environment. When compared to modern wood burning options, chimneys and fire pits could be considered a thing of the past, while BBQ heaters are the future. This is because, without any filter system, both are free to release a vast amount of smoke and particulates directly into the air as they burn — which can be damaging to your garden, your guests and the environment.

Solve wood burning worries with an eco-friendly outdoor stove

Chesneys’ outdoor wood burners combine style and sustainability

For aesthetes who value the style of their outdoor spaces just as much as sustainability, a wood burning stove provides the perfect balance. Unlike fire-pits or chimneys, newer wood burning stoves are often equipped with technology that makes them much safer for the environment. Just take the newest additions to our range of outdoor BBQs and wood burners — the Clean Burn Outdoor wood burner. This eco-friendly is built with award-winning clean burn and air wash technology, which help to reduce the harmful particulates and Co2 emissions released into the air. We use the same environmentally friendly technology within our indoor wood burning stoves, so with our outdoor range you’re guaranteed the same quality assurance of any Chesneys product.

When it comes to style, there’s nothing quite like a Chesneys stove — and that’s something we’re proud of. With its sleek and streamlined silhouette, the Clean Burn Outdoor Stove is designed to be a welcoming focal point for your garden, inviting guests to gather around for its warmth and its aesthetics. If you’re worried about missing out on the fireside aesthetic created by traditional fire-pits and chimneys, we have that covered too. Each outdoor appliance, including the Clean Burn, features a generous glass window so that you and your guests can still enjoy the ambient flicker of crackling flames on a breezy evening.

Solve wood burning worries with an eco-friendly outdoor stove

Chesneys’ outdoor BBQs also work as stoves while producing fewer pollutants

Nothing keeps party guests happier than a fresh, home-cooked meal. If you enjoy cooking outside while entertaining guests, then a multi-use heater barbecue like the Chesneys’ Outdoor BBQ Heat & Grill is a great choice for both the planet and your pocket. Investing in a single appliance that consolidates outdoor heating and cooking could save you a substantial amount in fuelling, which is ultimately more sustainable. The dual functionality of these stoves means that they can be easily switched from eating to heating mode once the breezy nights draw with little fuss. As with all Chesneys stoves, Each of these models houses the same wood burning and clean burn technology as the Clean Burn, just with the added cooking features.

For an outdoor heater with the perfect balance of sustainability, reliability and innovative technology, choose a Chesneys wood burning stove. You can browse the full Chesneys’ Outdoor BBQs and Stoves range on our website.







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