Looking for a stove that offers convenience, warmth and affordability? Modern gas stoves are the perfect solution. While gas fires of the past lacked the realism and timeless beauty of real wood burning stoves, today’s appliances are of a different league altogether. Chesneys gas stoves are renowned for their realism and are practically indistinguishable from a traditional wood-burner. Our engineers have studied flicker patterns to perfectly emulate the flame of a real fire, with hand-painted logs that produce a deep lifelike glow. Beautifully crafted, Chesneys gas stoves strike the perfect balance between efficiency and elegance. Once you’re set on a Chesneys stove, all that’s left to do is select the perfect model for your home. To help you decide, we’ve put together this guide highlighting the key features of each Chesneys gas stove range.


With classical features including swept cabriole legs and a corniced top section, the Beaumont gas stove makes a striking impact in any room. It’s available in both standard and large size, to suit the proportions of your interior. The Beaumont is available in both black and parchment — we recommend choosing a shade that enhances and accentuates the colour scheme of your space. With a net efficiency of 82%, this model of gas stove is an economical and affordable way to heat your home, while enjoying its true-to-life flame patterns. With traditional lines and luxury finishes, the Beaumont looks right at home in a period-inspired space. For some tips on how to style your room, see our modern design inspiration for gas stoves.


If you’re looking for a gas stove that offers the traditional look and feel of a wood-burning stove, the Salisbury is it. With its robust, simple design, solid cast iron door, and sleek black finishing, it’s an appliance that exudes quality the moment you set eyes on it. More minimal than its Beaumont counterpart, the Salisbury will perfectly compliment any style of interior and is the perfect accompaniment for a relaxing night in. You’ll enjoy the ambience created by the warm glow and flicker of lifelike flames seen through the Salisbury’s large glass window. Achieving net efficiency of 82%, the Salisbury is affordable to run, providing a viable alternative to central heating during the colder months.


Unlike more traditional wood burning and multi-fuel models, Chesneys gas stoves are equipped with a few modern amenities to enhance your fireside experience. They can be operated using a remote handset, allowing you to control the fire from the comfort of an armchair or sofa. Lighting the gas stove is as simple as holding down the power button on your handset. In approximately three seconds, you’ll hear a short beep – this is your cue to release the button and watch the fire spring to life. The remote control can also be used to adjust the height and temperature of the flames on your Chesneys appliance, giving you a level of control that would be impossible with other types of stove.

With any gas appliance, safety is of paramount importance. The Chesneys gas stove collection has been tested and certified by the UK’s leading independent test laboratory and our rigorous quality control systems ensure that all our appliances conform to British Standards. With the handy remote on each of our gas stoves, you can programme the handset to disable the fire after a set number of hours or minutes – so you can put your worries at rest and focus on spending quality time with your loved ones. For more on this, see our guide on how to use and maintain your gas stove.

While there are a number of gas stove options to choose from, if you want quality, make it a Chesneys model. Take a look at our full range of gas stoves online, or by visiting your nearest stockist. For more expert stove selection tips just like this, feel free to visit our dedicated blog.

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