Timeless Stoves: When the chilly weather rolls in, you can’t hold a candle to warming up by a log fire. Since time immemorial, fires and fireplaces have been a place for friends and family to gather and share stories. A den to sit back and relax in after a long day, and somewhere to hang the children’s stockings and holiday decorations. It’s what you pull your woolly socks up, brew the mulled wine, and crack open the good biscuits for.

At Chesneys, we design our wood burning stoves with longevity in mind; allowing you to enjoy these simple comforts for as long as possible. They’re a timeless statement piece for any home, and we’re confident they’ll remain so for years to come. Here’s why.


Wood burning stoves make a great timeless focal point for any living space, often taking centre stage among the furniture. More than one million UK homes have a stove: they immediately add identity, character, and even value to a home. Whatever your taste in decor, there is a stove to suit your interior style.

For instance, a traditional cosy English cottage would be complimented perfectly with our heritage Beaumont series (pictured above). Or, if you prefer a mid-century, art deco style, it would be accented perfectly with one from the more contemporary Alpine series (pictured below). Whichever you fancy, the cheering crackle and cosseting glow of your wood burning stove will transform any lounge into somewhere people want to be. And after a summer filled with sunny holidays, the hearth and home really come into their own come Christmas time.

A wood burning stove doesn’t need to be constricted to dusty old Victorian conversions or modern barn conversions. Our extensive range of designs and colours means there’s a stove for any home, anywhere.

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Recreating the ambience of a fireplace without harmful smoke output is one of many reasons why wood burning stoves have become a popular staple in British homes. Though open fires are traditional, they may only heat your home up to 15% heat output. However, a quality Chesneys timeless stove not only recreates the cosy fireside experience, it does so with efficiency rates of up to 83.9% heat output depending on the model you choose. That means a wood burning stove will give out over five times more heat than a standard open fireplace — efficient.

Wood burning stoves also remain popular among British homeowners because sourcing well seasoned, dry wood can be cost-effective in comparison to other fuel sources; especially if you own land. Glass fronted stoves aren’t merely a way to enjoy the flickering flames warming your lounge, you’ll find it’s the most efficient way to burn logs, too; especially with Chesneys award-winning clean burn technology.

Their green benefits are also hard to ignore. Being DEFRA exempt and permitted to burn in smoke-free towns and cities — surpassing eco-design 2022 standards — modern wood burning stoves can be a carbon-neutral way to heat your home for years to come; if used the right way, of course.

Keep your stove lasting for years to come with our wood burning stove maintenance basics.

Burning seasoned, dry wood, as opposed to burning green wood, releases even less carbon dioxide than it would if it were to naturally decompose, making it one of the most environmentally efficient heating methods. Wood is also a renewable fuel, and credible wood harvesters will replant the trees they fell. With these credentials, it’s no surprise more and more homes are making room for a wood burning stove.


After finding an efficient, stylish way to heat your home, you need to ensure that your stove will stand the test of time. That means a piece that’s built to last for years, not just one winter. Timelessness isn’t just an aesthetic piece that defies fads and trends, it’s an investment you know you can still use years down the line, too.

Chesneys’ wood burning stoves are designed using only the highest quality steel and cast iron. This careful consideration for material sourcing ensures that the manufacturing process for each stove remains at the highest order from day one. It’s why we have such a popular guarantee and warranty.

It’s no wonder the wood burning stove remains one of the most popular options for British homes. From its eco-friendly energy output to the low cost of fuel, it’s not just the relaxing ambience that will draw you in on a cold night. Watching the roaring flames die down to warm embers on those chilly winter nights are just the beginning of a whole new, cosy living room for your friends and family to enjoy.

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