How To Organise The Best BBQ Party

There’s nothing quite like the community feeling of gathering your loved ones for a barbecue party. As days get longer and the brisk evenings become warmer, heading out to the garden for an al fresco afternoon becomes even easier — and nothing quite beats the flavour of a barbecue. For family or friends, a birthday or a bank holiday, barbecue parties are a sure-fire way to bring people together in celebration. Creating that perfect outdoor experience, however, is a fine art which begins with the barbecue and extends across every detail of your garden, from decor to design. So to help you make the most out of your garden this season, we’ve put together this guide to creating the perfect barbecue party atmosphere.

Gather guests around a great outdoor BBQ

With any outdoor experience, ensuring that there is a central hub around which guests can gather and socialise is the key to creating the perfect atmosphere. As bellies begin to rumble and an evening chill creeps in, our outdoor BBQs and wood burners provide the perfect gathering spot. Perfectly designed to get the most out of your garden, these multifunctional appliances provide the ideal eating and heating experience. With the ability to produce perfectly-cooked barbecue staples with the ease, you’ll have guests gathered around to taste your seasonal treats. And once the evening cools and the last sausage has been grilled, these outdoor BBQs will help carry the party continue into the night, warming your guests with the ambient heat of a wood burning stove. Opting for a welcome mix of sleek design and multi-functionality will really set the tone for the evening — gathering your guests around to swap stories and begin to make lasting memories.

Barbecue parties: why atmosphere matters

What’s the most important element of any successful barbecue party? The atmosphere. Creating the perfect atmosphere that will bring your guests together for this outdoor eating season will allow people to feel relaxed and at home while they enjoy the food and company of your party. Setting the right tone from the onset will guarantee that your party runs smoothly, giving you more time to spend on what matters — relaxing with loved ones creating lasting memories.

Everything from seating arrangements to setting the mood through music can be tweaked in order to elevate your guests’ barbecue experience. While it’s great to pay special attention to the needs of your guests, throwing a barbecue party should also be as much of an enjoyable experience for you, the host. As such, the ideal party atmosphere can be tailored to highlight your strengths as a host. For the keen gardeners among us and those who take pride in their outdoor area, a barbecue party is a great opportunity to display your handiwork, using that outdoor space in a way that brings guests together.

How to create the perfect party barbecue atmosphere


Create cosy and inviting seating areas

When hosting any party, it’s important to create inviting seating areas where guests can socialise and relax. With garden parties, you can get particularly inventive about the kinds of seatin