Alchemy RB1000 Ethanol Burner

Clean and easy to install as external electric cabling is not required, the RB 1000 outdoor ethanol linear ribbon burner is ecologically friendly, burning fuel that is extracted from plants during a full combustion process.

The RB1000 has a unique ‘V’ shaped aperture to the flame channel which creates an extremely robust flame that is especially resistant to movement in the air around it. These burners are very efficient, running for up to 12 hours on economy flame setting before requiring re-fueling.

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An economical and environmentally friendly way to create a beautiful focal point for your outdoor space. The RB1000 is battery operated,
easily re-fuelled and will run for hours.

GROSS INPUT on High 5.2kW
Ethanol Consumption on High (Litres per hour) 0.85L
GROSS INPUT on Low 2.6kW
Ethanol Consumption on Low (Litres per hour) 0.42L
Fuel tank Volume Capacity in Litres 8.5L

Product Care

Please remember that these are outdoor appliances and need to be cared for to maintain overall condition and functionality.

We recommend wiping all surfaces to keep them dry and cleaning between uses.

The RB1000 is supplied with a robust steel hood that covers the burner area and this must be used at all times when the burner is not in use as ingress of rain will damage the appliance.