The Large Smokeless Fire Pit with Portland Steel Panels

The Chesneys smokeless Fire Pit provides a totally different experience. Its sophisticated combustion process burns off smoke and allows you to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a beautiful outdoor fire without the Bonfire Effect. It's a healthier, cleaner way to enjoy your outdoor space and extend those Summer and Spring evenings spent outside.
  • Clean burn smoke free experience
  • Economic combustion process
  • Atmospheric outdoor ambience
Available with a choice of Teak panels or Portland or Slate Green steel panels.

Delivery: 3 - 4 weeks.

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The Chesneys Smokeless Fire Pit has a sturdy steel cylindrical construction. Unlike an open fire pit where there is no control over the combustion process, the Chesneys Fire Pit draws in cool air from beneath the fire bed and directs this air through a cavity between the inner and outer steel skin of the appliance. This allows the air to be pre-heated as it moves upwards and it is emitted as jets of hot air around the entrance to the fire pit, where it hits the flames and combusts the gases from the fire, eliminating nearly all smoke once the fire is underway.

Assembly of the frame and panels that fit around the Fire Pit is simple. Step by step instructions are provided with the appliance and assembly can be completed in just a few minutes.

Product Care

The Chesneys Smokeless Fire Pit is supplied with a robust canvass weather resistant cover. Whenever the Fire Pit is in not use the cover should be used, although it can not be placed over the appliance following use until it has completely cooled. It is advisable to check the appliance on a regular basis, wiping all surfaces to keep them dry. It is advisable to clean the appliance between burns, including the removal of ash to keep airways clear so that the combustion process is not affected.

The visible circular section of the steel Fire Pit will tarnish with use and the painted steel panels should be expected to show signs of wear and tear over time . Touch up paint is available from our Spares shop should you wish to spruce up your appliance at the start of Summer.


PANEL CHOICE: Teak - Portland steel - Slate Green steel

OVERALL SIZE: 740mm (W), 409mm (H), 740mm (D)