At Chesneys, everything about our stoves is inspired by the people who enjoy them. We design stoves for homes across the country, building them to suit anywhere from a minimalist living room to a stone-floored kitchen filled with muddy labradors. With so many choices, you may be thinking ‘What is the best stove to buy?’ – there are a multitude of reasons why a Chesneys stove is so special

It’s important to us that our stoves not only deliver on quality but on artisanal design too. In the UK, we take pride in our homes — no matter what their shape or size — and this is what inspires us at Chesneys to create the stunning stoves we design to fill them: marrying timeless elegance with hardworking quality that lasts.

We believe there’s nothing more delightful than one’s own fireplace, and this is the story of how we create the country’s leading, DEFRA exempt, luxury stove collection — bringing them back into British homes with style and sustainability in mind. From wood burning stoves to multi-fuel, we’ll break down just what makes our stoves so special.


Chesneys has spent years honing its fine, artisanal knowledge in fireplaces; and stoves are no exception. Serving as the focal point to any space, Chesneys designs stoves that set them apart from the competition. Every curve, hue, dimension and finish has been painstakingly handpicked so a Chesneys stove compliments any space.

It was important to Chesneys founder Paul Chesney that their stoves wouldn’t just provide warmth and ambience, it had to deliver on architectural style too.

“There was never an emphasis on appearance until now. It’s time to see the stove as more than just a black box in the room.” – Paul Chesney

With seven timeless designs available in six colours and various sizes, the stoves suit any interior style, from a Scandinavian ‘hygge’ chic snug to a country kitchen bursting with character. You can learn more about the lasting appeal of a wood burning stove in our guide.


Forged at one of the oldest foundries in the country, our stoves fuse British cast iron with the finest steel and tempered ceramic glass to achieve engineering excellence. With thirty years of experience restoring antique fireplaces and designing this country’s leading luxury stoves, we make craftsmanship a priority.

To achieve this, we source the finest materials from the UK and Europe. These quality materials and state of the art processes result in luxury stoves that are built to last for many winter nights to come.


Every Chesneys stove is crafted with the consumer in mind: when considering their aesthetic, but also by ensuring that they are a joy to use. Working tirelessly, their goal was to create stoves that serve as both a stunning centrepiece of superior quality — and are easy to use, too. For example, temperature control becomes second nature due to the stove’s simple airflow lever technology. Plus, every Chesneys stove has identical controls, so once you know one Chesneys stove, you know them all.


Lucky for city dwellers, a Chesneys stove is no longer just for the country’s rural living rooms and kitchens. If your home is surrounded by more buildings than fields, you can still experience the joy and comfort of a stove in your home thanks to Chesneys clean-burn, airwash technology.

With 80% heat output efficiency, you can see Chesneys’ award-winning airwash technology through its tough glass door. Unlike other stoves on the market which are subject to wood burning regulations, our DEFRA approved technology means you can legally burn seasoned logs using Chesneys stoves without harming the environment — even in cities. The airwash technology reignites any polluting by-products emitted by the fuel during its initial burn. This not only burns away any harmful particulates, but it also keeps the glass of your stove clear so you can keep enjoying the flickering flames.

Stoves remain one of the most popular methods to heat British homes, and with a Chesneys stove, anyone could see why. From its eco-friendly energy use to its elegant sophistication, it’s not just the warm fire on a chilly night that makes a Chesneys stove so special — because we’ve always demanded more than that. Built to last, a stove from Chesneys will look sophisticated nestled into any living room or kitchen — becoming a part of the furniture, and a part of the family too.

You can discover our elegant range of wood burning, gas, multi-fuel and electric stoves right here. Alternatively, just head to your nearest stockist to be inspired in person. For more updates follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram or Pinterest.

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